Heart Health

• Are you concerned about heart disease, stroke or heart attack?
• Do you have a family history of high blood pressure, or high cholesterol?
• Are you serious about supporting the health of your heart?

Half the people who suffer heart attacks didn’t know they were “at risk”. Lifestyle and genetic factors play a part, but the food and nutrients you take in every day may matter just as much. Taking measures to encourage a healthy heart could reduce your risk of serious illness in the future, or could support your recovery if you’ve already experienced a heart attack or stroke.

A Heart Health consultation would assess your diet and nutrient intake and develop a personalised nutritional programme to promote normal cardiovascular function. Alongside treatment from your GP or cardiovascular specialist, this may help you take greater control over your condition and the quality of your life.

“Beverley is very knowledgeable about the subject and inspires a lot of confidence. I wish I had discovered this way of eating years ago” Mrs C, Rickmansworth

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